Acrobat are a Dublin based rock band made up of Mark Thomas, Naoise Morzadec and Paul McGonagle who formed in early 2011 following dalliances with various bands on the scene. The story goes that Mark and Naoise were playing an acoustic gig in a Dublin pub in late 2010. Derry man Paul, a recent art college graduate, was celebrating the opening of his first group exhibition earlier that evening at a nearby gallery, when he came upon the live session. Liking what he heard, he passed a note to the stage suggesting that the duo needed a drummer and that he was the man for the job. The next day, the guys decided to take a chance on calling him up and before long, Acrobat was born.

Once together, the threesome spent a year experimenting musically, playing cover gigs in pubs at the weekends to pay the bills. Following a week long writing session in Achill in June 2011, they came up with the basis of what would become their first batch of songs and set about recording them from their base in the historic Bow Lane Studios.

In February 2012 Acrobat debuted a selection of material at their first ever live appearance at Dublin’s Workman’s Club to widespread acclaim. Since then, they have been busy writing and recording further material for their forthcoming album as well as appearing at venues around the country, including a much coveted support slot alongside Mumford & Sons on Arthur’s Day.

In June they filmed an acoustic live show in front of an intimate audience which will be broadcast later in the year.

‘Safe Inside’, their debut single, was released in July receiving positive reviews from all media. 

“These Dublin rockers have only been around for a year but you’d never guess it from ‘Safe Inside’, a blistering guitar rock jam in the vein of Foo Fighters, Audioslave and other fans of thrustworthy melodic epicness.” 
Celina Murphy, Hotpress 
“Love the track! Great energy and the video compliments the dark/angry feel of the song.
It’s great to see some quality Irish talent coming through…”
Andy Preston, FM104
“The video for this you simply must see..…brilliant stuff.”
The Juice Box Jury, FM104


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